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Town Office

Snow Lake SunsetMayor and Council:


Peter Roberts
Cell: 431-201-3996

Deputy Mayor

Tom Fleming


Shelley Chrapun      -

Bill Pleasance          -

Penny Roberts        -

Chris Samborski     -

Committees of Council
Committees of Council
1. Strategic Initiatives: 
     Chair: Penny Roberts
     Members: Tom Fleming & Bill Pleasance
2. Environmental Health:
     Members: Shelley Chrapun  
3. Transportation & Infrastructure: 
     Chair: Bill Pleasance 
     Members: Penny Roberts 
4. Public Safety: 
     Chair: Tom Fleming 
5. Community Development: 
     Chair: Shelley Chrapun 
     Members: Bill Pleasance 
6. Finance & Administration: 
     Chair: Penny Roberts 
     Members: Shelley Chrapun & Tom Fleming 

Community Boards and Committees

1. Aurora Borealis Arts Council: 
2. Snow Lake Chamber of Commerce: Councilor Shelley Chrapun 

3. Community Health Board for the Norman Regional Health Authority: Deputy Mayor Bill Pleasance 
4. Community Futures Greenstone:   
5. Snow Lake Community Library: Councilor Penny Roberts  
6. Snow Lake Mining Museum: Councilor Tom Fleming 
7. Snow Lake Family Resource Centre: Councilor Tom Fleming 

Office Hours:

The Town Office is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. inclusive.


Town Staff

Chief Administrative Officer
Alexander Fisher

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer 
Joy Capyk

Office Clerk 
April Webb

Transportation and Utilities Manager 
Mike Hrooshkin

Recreation Supervisor
Randy Compton


How to Contact Us

Town Hall, 113 Elm Street, Box 40, Snow Lake, Manitoba R0B 1M0
Telephone: (204) 358-2551 
Fax: (204) 358-2112

Council Meetings

The Town of Snow Lake Council meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month with the exception of July and August.  In July and August the Council meets according to a schedule determined at the June meeting and the schedule is posted in the June meeting minutes.
Meetings are held at 7:00PM in the Council Chambers.
These meetings are also open to the public.  For agendas, please visit the town office bulletin board.  
Persons wishing to attend as a delegation before Council must submit a written request to the Chief Administrative Officer by noon on the Friday preceding the Council meeting.