Boil Water Advisory Mar 1st, now in effect

Another water main break is affecting water supply in Brentwood.  
The break has been identified as being on the back alley behind Parres Avenue.  While this is serviced, homes on Parres Ave will be without water.  Residents are advised to open taps on the second floor of their homes to promote backflow of water into the ruptured line during the time that the water system is turned off.  This will lessen the probability of freezing of water within those lines during the repair period, although this strategy may or may not be effective depending upon the slope of the buried line relative to the main line.  Once opened for a few minutes to permit backflow, the taps can be closed, and should be closed, especially if they will be left unattended.
We will work as quickly as possible to finish the repairs.  However, the frozen ground may lengthen the time needed to excavate.